Tim Smith - EIMS

Position: CEO

I am the CEO of a fast growing sales and marketing agency that specialises in the tech sector. We approached Demeter as we needed to scale our business internationally without losing the essence of what has made us successful in the first place. This was a genuine concern, as we had seen some of our competitors lose the quality of their delivery as they grew.


Scaling the business from being a predominantly European-based organisation to a global business meant managing a much more complex operation across different time zones. Growth exacerbated issues in our HR and finance processes as well as creating new operational challenges.

We needed to standardise our processes and then optimise them in a dynamic way; Demeter helped us to tick these boxes, underpinning many of our strategic achievements. We now have clear pathways so that, when we set a strategic goal, we can align our process development with that goal.

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Standardise Campaigns and Projects

Our first priority was to develop a really consistent way of delivering campaigns and projects to our clients, so we worked with Demeter to map that process and then deploy it globally so all our sales and marketing efforts are delivered in the same way. Over time, we’ve continually refined and optimised that process.

Speed up Hiring

Since we took that initial step, we’ve expanded our use of Demeter’s process management and mapping tool dramatically. We’ve mapped our recruitment process to enable us to respond more swiftly to market needs, which has been particularly important in speeding up hiring as pressures in the labour market increase. That would have been really difficult without Demeter.

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Reduce Debt Collection Delays

We've also mapped our finance processes, which has helped us sharpen our approach to debt collection and other routine finance procedures to bring cash back into the business more quickly. That has made a significant difference to our bottom line, especially as we work with large blue-chip clients which often try to push out payment terms.


We have achieved a dramatic improvement in workflow management, alleviating the growing pains as we scale our business internationally.

Key outcomes include:

  • a measurable ROI
  • a 70% reduction in recruitment costs
  • faster debt collection, and, overall,
  • a more consistent, time-efficient approach to routine business processes.


We're now looking at how we can take things to the next level. We're rolling out some of Demeter's standard HR templates for staff engagement, and working hard to manage learning throughout the organisation in a much slicker way.

The tool has been fantastic and the ROI is unquestionable. If you can imagine the process, then you can do it with Demeter.

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