We make process flow, so your business grows.

In Greek mythology, Demeter is the harvest goddess, associated with growth and productivity. Highly revered for her power over the seasons and the agricultural cycle, Demeter gave birth to Plutus, the Greek god of wealth and abundance.

At Demeter, our mission is to power productivity through process. We help progressive businesses to optimise process flows, drive visibility and create a common language for improvement.

The proliferation of hybrid and remote working has made it crucial for organisations to find more effective ways to communicate with unambiguous precision across distance and time – and that is where our flexible, agile Work Operating System (Work OS) can help.

We empower business leaders who want to make a lasting impact by enabling them to map, optimise and improve their process flows while enhancing clarity across their organisations. Get the perspective you need to work more efficiently on and in your business at the same time.

Demeter helps businesses improve HR processes.

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As AI transforms business, forward-thinking business leaders are caught in a dilemma – how do you harness the power of this rapidly evolving new technology while optimising ROI? It’s too costly and time-consuming to keep jumping to the next shiny new thing. To continually improve processes, companies need to build on what they already have so they can embed real growth and scalability. We support organisations on this journey with an AI-friendly platform that connects together all your business systems in one place, with one superior real-time process overview.

Demeter empowers businesses to see and understand the bigger picture through process management rather than project management.

Demeter integrates existing business systems to improve communication and collaboration across your entire organisation.

Demeter enables process mapping and workflow management in a repeatable, consistent, and scalable way.

We are passionate about developing genuine and enduring partnerships with our clients, setting and achieving challenging goals together to support sustainable business growth and productivity.

We help businesses become more efficient, whether it’s to save time and money, to become more agile, to speed up product development, or to scale and grow. 

We make process flow, so your business grows.

Why is Demeter different?

Demeter helps businesses improve finance processes.

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More than 25 years of market experience

Demeter is part of EIMS, a UK-founded multi-million-pound global company which has been helping technology vendors around the world to sell their products better, faster and more effectively since 1996. 

EIMS’ rapidly-growing global outreach spans from expert-driven offices in the UK, Spain, New Zealand and the US, delivering professional business solutions in over 30 languages. EIMS is a recognised market leader in their field, with clients that include BT, Samsung, Dell, Symantec, IBM Oracle, Siemens, and Trend Micro.

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Our core values


We do what we say we will. No ifs, no buts.
We know that integrity is key to fostering trust and developing successful long-term relationships with our clients. We’re authentic, we’re reliable, and we are not afraid to be brave when developing business solutions.


Working in genuine partnership to meet your business goals.
We develop a community to instil and share knowledge. We believe in joint responsibility and accountability. Support should extend beyond ‘do this’ to incorporate ‘why you’re doing this’.

Adding Value

We make processes flow so your business grows.
We use our tried-and-tested knowledge and expertise to help businesses become more efficient, save time and money, become more agile, and speed up product development. We create transparency and clarity around processes. 


Successful partnerships require time, effort, and genuine collaboration.
We appreciate that building a successful partnership takes time, effort, and empathy.
We value genuine collaboration and knowledge-sharing as we set and achieve ambitious goals together. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo when needed.


Relationships are at the heart of what we do.
We don’t install a new software system, offer some initial support, and then leave you and your team to figure out the rest. We help you build on the technology you already have to embed real growth and scalability.


We’re world leaders in our field who are constantly pushing ourselves to new levels of innovation.
We don’t rest on our laurels; we are constantly learning and evolving. We are confident and passionate about delivering end results that make a real difference to business operations and profits.

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