Sales and Marketing

Reduce your administrative burden while improving team collaboration and the allocation of sales and marketing resources.

Sales and marketing leaders thrive working at a fast pace deploying multiple campaigns whilst having a constant eye on driving lead generation to build brands long term. Market leading brands are embracing automation technology to improve project management processes and drive revenue growth. As the momentum to deliver a better ROI on projects with tighter budgets ramps up, organisations with poor sales and marketing productivity tools are unable to achieve this ambition.

Sales and Marketing Pain Points

  • Poorly integrated software stacks across numerous campaigns with conflicting timeframes
  • Struggle to better track and measure ROI on multiple projects across different locations
  • Lacks visibility of real time data to lower the cost of customer acquisition for campaigns
  • No access to scalable project management tool to streamline and automate processes
  • Needs to empower cross team collaboratively and improve use of partners more efficiently  

Sales and Marketing Solutions

This got us thinking: what if a software platform could solve these sales and marketing challenges without contributing further layers of complexity for multi-tasking brand leaders? That’s where the intuitive, cost-effective Demeter Work OS platform comes in to streamline processes efficiently.

Demeter quickly connects every project and every person in every location to give you real time  visibility of sales and marketing processes and programmes on one AI-friendly platform. Our platform integrates with existing software tools to implement customer focused campaigns, achieve scalable tracking and reporting to increase brand success.

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With Demeter you can

Reduce launch timeframes of concurrent campaigns across teams
Increase efficiency and engagement by having a precise idea of product performance
Improve tracking and measurement of ROI to the C-Suite and partners
Standardise project management processes to give tighter control of resources
Identify innovative ways to scale and expand revenue opportunities
Forecast and allocate resources swiftly and in real time across locations
Better creative team collaboration to outsource work to partners efficiently
Get a closer understanding of cost acquisition for every product launch

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See how Cisco’s sales and marketing department has been transformed using Demeter.

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