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Why choose Demeter as your partner?


Demeter is an innovative industry-tested Work Management Platform designed to power productivity through process and providing clients with reliable and effective results. A partnership with Demeter enables:



New revenue stream

Joining the Demeter partner program opens new avenues for revenue generation.

Supported Sell

Our team is here to support you throughout the sale process. From product knowledge to technical assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Deployment services

We provide enablement of your team to be able to offer comprehensive deployment services.

Work with a proven solution

Partnering with Demeter means aligning yourself with a proven solution that fosters continuous improvement and accountability.

Partnership Opportunities

Referral Partner

Ideal for process consultants and advocates. Leverage your network to refer clients and enjoy lucrative rewards.


Well suited to technology and solution providers looking to collaborate and strengthen their solution offering and drive shared growth.

Technology Alliances

Perfect for Professional Services companies (businesses) looking to deploy and learn with experts. Strengthen your portfolio with Demeter and enhance your market presence.


Collaborate with us bridge the gap between education and industry. Empower the next generation of professionals.

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Even more reasons to partner with Demeter

Deal Registration

Secure your deals by registering them with Demeter. Benefit from exclusive support and resources for registered opportunities.

Sales enablement

Our program is designed to enhance your sales capabilities, helping you achieve success.

Account Manager

Enjoy personalised attention with a dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through every step of your partnership journey.

Launch Pack and Training

Gain access to a comprehensive launch page and training materials. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed for a successful partnership.

Marketing Collaboration

Elevate your market position and increase awareness through collaborative marketing initiatives. Leverage marketing resources and create compelling campaigns and reach a wider audience.

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