Reduce your administrative burden while improving recruitment, risk management and compliance.

While being a HR leader has always required fast thinking and the ability to keep multiple balls in the air, the rapidly evolving workplace adds a string of fresh challenges. Today’s Human Resources professionals are expected to expertly manage recruitment, talent acquisition, employee retention, onboarding and offboarding for employees in the office, at home, hybrid working, and across multiple locations nationally and internationally. Standardising and improving HR processes is even more difficult if your industry is facing a critical skills shortage.

HR Pain Points

  • Overly long, multi-stage recruitment processes that lack a personal touch, discouraging top talent from applying
  • HR survey tools that don’t adequately harness employee data for appraisal and grievance procedures
  • Poor integration between HR tracking and reporting systems and those used in other parts of the business, such as IT, finance or marketing
  • Risk management while implementing HR policies and procedures across multiple locations in an ever-changing hybrid and remote working business model
  • Difficulty allocating enough time to spend on business critical tasks because of time-consuming administration (even in companies that are mostly digital)

HR Solutions

This got us thinking: what if a software platform could solve these issues without contributing further stress or complications for time-poor HR executives? That’s where the intuitive, easy-to-use Demeter Work OS platform comes into play.

Demeter connects everything together to give you superior visibility of HR processes and procedures all on the one AI-friendly platform, which integrates with your other business systems for vastly improved, scalable tracking and reporting.

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With Demeter you can

Reduce the administrative burden on you and your team
Have more time for the work that really makes a difference to your organisation
Increase efficiency by having a clearer idea what’s working and what’s not
Create more integrated, personalised, and swifter recruitment, onboarding and offboarding procedures
Improve tracking and reporting so you can show demonstrable ROI to the C-suite
Standardise and streamline protocols around leave requests, grievance procedures, disciplinary action, and appraisals – never overlook a holiday request again
Better manage risk and ensure compliance with HR legislation, whatever the jurisdiction
Develop a deeper understanding of why employees stay with your company – and why they leave
Create more integrated, personalised, and swifter recruitment, onboarding and offboarding procedures
More effective tracking and advanced real-time collaboration on people strategy projects such as improving diversity & inclusion, employee retention, and employee well-being programmes

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