Munisa Busby–Pelekanou – Financial Controller

Position: Financial Controller

Hello, I'm Munisa, a financial controller overseeing a bustling finance team of eight, a mix of hybrid and remote workers, at a company with £50 million in revenue and approximately 500 staff. I recently experienced a significant transformation in my role, all thanks to Demeter – a solution that revolutionized our financial processes.

Discover how the Demeter platform reduces bottlenecks and errors in financial processes.


When I joined, my team was spread across multiple locations, and the struggle to onboard and train staff consistently was real. Key finance processes needed improvement, requiring better documentation, training, and visibility. Despite having a leading finance system in place, managing processes efficiently, especially when collaboration was needed outside the finance team, proved to be a hurdle.


Demeter came into the picture, aligning perfectly with my needs. It empowered me to meticulously map all our processes, creating high-quality documentation detailing responsibilities and timelines. With a clear process map, I could refine and enhance our finance processes significantly. Demeter became the catalyst for transforming slow and painful onboarding into a quick and seamless process.


The positive impact of Demeter on my financial team was palpable. Training new team members became a breeze, with staff achieving more in less time. We not only met but exceeded Service Level Agreements (SLAs), swiftly identifying, and addressing any issues. Tangible savings were realized through accelerated cash collections and the offshoring of back-office roles. Weekly meetings with the CEO and Finance Director, once time-consuming, were now completed in a quarter of the time, thanks to enhanced management visibility.


My journey with Demeter has been nothing short of transformative. The solution provided a holistic approach to managing financial processes, fostering better job knowledge and process discipline. The ease of use delighted my team, enabling them to accomplish more in less time and receive well-deserved recognition. Demeter not only met my expectations but exceeded them, proving to be an invaluable asset in the dynamic world of finance.

In conclusion, my testimonial serves as a testament to the effectiveness of in addressing the unique challenges faced by financial controllers in today's evolving business landscape.

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