How technology is making sales and marketing budgets go further

Thinking of investing in a process management tool to increase ROI from your marketing campaigns? Read this first

Being a sales and marketing leader is a constant and finely tuned juggling act. You deal with multiple marketing campaigns, each with its own timeline and objectives, always keeping one eye on the budget and ROI.

Sales and marketing technology

Many organisations are looking to digital transformation, AI, and automation to optimise sales and marketing campaigns by getting the best possible ROI from ever-tightening budgets and limited resources. However, investing in the shiniest new marketing software often does not provide the hoped-for results, instead simply adding another layer of complexity to systems which already have a lot of moving parts. You’re still dealing with just as much as before, but poorly integrated software stacks across numerous campaigns means you’re now juggling with one hand tied behind your back. 

  • seamlessly integrate with your existing sales and marketing software to streamline business processes 

  • standardise business processes to enable more efficient, strategic use of available resources 

  • provide improved real-time visibility of all the important data – what’s working, what’s not – in one place 

  • improve tracking and measurement of ROI and campaign performance 

  • be able to replicate the success of what’s working at scale and across different markets for maximum ROI 

Building an AI-friendly process management tool 

At Demeter, we developed our AI-friendly Work OS platform to provide organisations with an easier way to streamline, improve, and scale business processes. Our tried-and-tested process management tool provides real time visibility of all your sales and marketing processes on one platform, which integrates with your existing software tools, to make resource allocation more efficient and cost-effective.  
The benefits of the Demeter process management system for sales and marketing teams include: 

  • Reduced launch timeframes of concurrent campaigns across sales and marketing teams 

  • Improved tracking and measurement of ROI for reporting to the C-Suite and partners 

  • Standardised project management processes for improved control of resources 

  • Increased efficiency and engagement due to a precise idea of product performance 

  • Identification of innovative ways to scale and expand revenue opportunities 

  • Enabling you to forecast and allocate resources swiftly across various locations 

  • Better creative team collaboration to outsource work to partners efficiently 

  • A more granular understanding of cost acquisition for every product launch 

What makes the Demeter business process management tool different?

Genuine, market-tested, measurable results. 
For example, international communications technology giant Cisco selected the Demeter Work OS platform when the company wanted to cost-effectively scale its successful top-tier partner approach to gain a competitive advantage with mid-tier partners. 
Cisco scaled from delivering 30 to 40 marketing campaigns per year to more than 16,000 campaigns annually over a period of 10 years. While the team responsible expanded from eight marketing managers to 65 marketing heads, Cisco is adamant this efficiency was only possible through the use of the Demeter business process management system. 

This productivity increase was the critical success factor that enabled Cisco to achieve its objective of cost-effectively scaling marketing campaigns, and so increase market share in its target segments. 
Read the Cisco case study. 
Lincoln “Linc” Havens, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Cisco, said: “When one person comes up with a way to make the process better, we can implement that across the organisation consistently so everybody takes advantage of all efficiencies. [The system gave us] results, proven results. This is the Secret Sauce of our operation.” 
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