Do you have control over your business processes?

Demeter launches AI-friendly process management platform to drive business growth and enhance top-down visibility.

Organisations perform countless routine processes every day, from onboarding new staff to finalising accounts. Even the biggest and best-managed companies struggle to get all of their processes right every time.

The shift from paper-based to digital processes has saved time and resources by automating many administrative tasks, but poor process mapping coupled with a lack of standardisation and documentation continues to contribute to inefficiencies in core areas such as finance, HR, sales, marketing, and executive reporting.

Signs of poor or inadequate process mapping:

  • Routine tasks such as payroll and leave approval take too long
  • Important information is not recorded or easily accessible
  • Bottlenecks and delays when staff members are on holiday
  • Inconsistent customer experience, leading to frustration and complaints
  • Inconsistent candidate experience, leading to hiring delays and complications
  • Repeating the same mistakes again and again

Demeter is launching a highly innovative process management tool to resolve these challenges, empowering business owners to successfully map, optimise and improve key business process flows.

Process transparency that drives business ROI

Demeter’s tried-and-tested AI-friendly Work OS platform drives repeatable process mapping and workflow management. It’s a powerful process mapping tool on an all-in-one platform that enables more effective communication and collaboration across every level in your organisation.

What makes Demeter’s process management system different?

Intuitive and easy to use, our technology integrates with your systems such as CRM, HR and finance, connecting everything together to give one-stop top-down visibility and clarity. No more siloed information and processes.

We create a common language through process across your teams, your departments and your stakeholders.

And we don’t just deliver software and initial training. We develop long-term partnerships with our clients to support them as they grow and scale, setting and achieving challenging goals together. We help businesses become more efficient, whether it’s to save time and money, to scale, to become more agile, or to speed up product development.

Our mission is to power productivity through process for forward-thinking business leaders.

One platform, one view – one integrated process management system

Key benefits

  • Clarity and visibility of all systems on one platform
  • Optimised process flows to drive efficiency and growth
  • Best-in-class repeatable process mapping and workflow management
  • Seamless integration across existing tools and applications
  • Improved collaboration for on-site and remote teams
  • Continuous, replicable and measurable improvement
  • Get past reoccurring issues to move your business forward
  • A common language for continuous improvement

Key features

  • Tried-and-tested AI-friendly product
  • Flexible, agile and easy to scale
  • Detailed reporting insights and ROI measurement
  • Real time process overview
  • Dashboard training support
  • Data exchange and integration
  • Task automation and prioritisation

We make process flow, so your business grows.

To take the first step towards improving business processes at your organisation, get in touch.